Chief Engineer Positions

Canada Steamship Lines

The Responsibilities of the Chief Engineer include: Implementing company policies for safety and environmental management in all engineering activities. This includes ensuring compliance with WHMIS regulations and MSDS requirements.


$160,000-180,000 + (training premiums, excess days, etc.)
Medical Benefits + Annual Medical Examination
Defined-Benefit Pension Plan
Fitness Reimbursement Program
Rotation Preference
Terms of Employment:
Full-time position with atypical schedules.

Managing all personnel in the Engineering Department, including the training, induction, and familiarization of both existing and new crew members as per the company’s working instructions. If any instructions are found to be in violation of the STCW95 Convention regulations, the Chief Engineer will adhere to the standards set by the Flag State of registry. Effectively managing the manpower resources in the Engineering Department to prevent excessive fatigue among duty personnel. The Chief Engineer will ensure that the company’s standards for rest and hours of work are followed, as outlined in the company’s working instructions. Recognizing that fatigue is a leading cause of accidents, both personal and operational, the Chief Engineer will prioritize the well-being and functioning of officers and crew.

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At CSL, we prioritize the well-being of our crews and employees, fostering a corporate culture that upholds high ethical standards, promotes a safe and healthy workplace, and respects the environment. A career at CSL offers both intellectual stimulation and rewarding challenges, and we are constantly on the lookout for skilled and enthusiastic individuals to fill key positions across our organization.

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